Security Guard KILLED For Telling Woman To Wear Mask Inside Family Dollar!


Calvin Munerlyn, a security guard for the Family Dollar store in Flint, Michigan was shot and killed on Saturday, MTO News has learned, for telling a woman to put on a face mask before entering store. 


Calvin Munerlyn aka "Big Duper" was working security at the store and did not allow a woman to enter the Family Dollar because she had no face mask. At the time, Family Dollar had a policy in place, which required all customers to wear face masks.

So Calvin was just enforcing the store's policy.

But the woman didn't want to wear a facemark. So she lashed out.

Police say that the woman, Sharmel Lashe Teague, 45, became enraged and spit in Calvin's face then left the store. A short time later, authorities say that the woman came back with two men who officials identified as Larry Teague and Ramonyea Bishop. 

The two men confronted Big Duper, and Ramonyea is believed to have shot Calvin in the back of the head, the prosecutor's office said.

Here is a link to a Go Fund Me for Calvin - LINK HERE