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There's a potential scandal brewing, according to one of the most popular blind item websites on the internet - Crazy Days & Nights.

The website claims that a "deceased athlete" has a secret child, born out of wedlock. And that child, according to the site, is expected to come forward soon. It's not clear - according to the site - what the child (or the child's mom) is looking for.

But one thing is for sure - the mom wants her child support to continue. The website claims that she wants to ensure that her child support continues even after the "star's" death.

Crazy Days & Nights is a website that posts blind items about celebrities. While some of their reports in the past have been wrong, they have broken a bunch of major stories. 

For example, the website was the first to report that Jay Z was cheating on Beyonce with a White woman and second, they broke the news that Charlie Sheen was infected with HIV.

Here is their full Blind Item:

It took all of a week for a child born out of wedlock to come out of the woodwork. The parent wants to make sure payments will continue despite the death of the permanent A++ list athlete.