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Sean Kingston has been removed from upcoming college performances after students protested against his appearance over allegations of rape.

Kingston is facing a $5 million lawsuit over allegations of rape. His accuser, Carissa Capeloto reportedly claims she was forced into sex with Kingston, his bodyguard and a band member in 2010 in Kingston's hotel room. The incident took place after an appearance during a Justin Bieber concert.

So far, shows at the University of Connecticut and the State University of New York in Oneonta have been pulled and students at Fordham University in New York and Ohio University also rallied for his performance to be canceled.

Fordham later decided to pull the performance:

“Now that these multiple perspectives have been heard, and we have had time to gather all available information—including additional concerns regarding Mr. Kingston’s appearance—I have decided to remove him from the Spring Weekend lineup,” Dean of Students Christopher Rodgers told the Fordham Ram.