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NFLs Kemah Siverand Gets CUT For Sneaking 'Thot' Into Training Camp! (Pics)

Seattle Seahawks player Kemah Siverand has been waived by his team after he was caught on video, trying to sneak a woman into the team's hotel.

According to ESPN, the rookie cornerback tried to slip the woman in wearing Seahawks gear to disguise her as a player.

That was a no-no as players are under strict isolation guidelines to prevent coronavirus infection. The United States currently leads the world in numbers of cases as well as deaths from coronavirus infection.

Last week New York Giants head coach Joe Judge told reporters:

"If it was a non-COVID year, we would be trying to keep the team as isolated as can be just to keep the focus on what we're doing and build that training camp atmosphere," he said. "Our players can either opt in or opt out of a hotel stay. The ones that are in have a curfew. We've expressed to the ones on the outside that they have to make the right decisions when they are away from the building in terms of how they structure their nights."