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SHOCK PICS: Transgender Leaks EXPLICIT Pic . . . Claims It's SCRAPPY From Love And Hip Hop . . . BENDING OVER AND BUSSING IT!!!


Scrappy from Love And Hip Hop has some QUESTIONS to answer - after alleged pics of him are released by a popular trans Instagram celebrity named Jaguar Evermore. Jaguar posted a pic of what she claims is a YOUNG Lil Scrappy.

And in the pic, "Scrappy" is completely nude, with his booty tooted in the air.

This is not the first time either.

Last year, the reality television star was caught up in scandal after he and his pal, Bobby Valentino was linked to a transgender prostitute. He did not appreciate being connected and hopped on social media to set the record straight.

“Y’all know me, bruh. I don’t play no motherf*cking games, n*gga. I’m the first n*gga to tell y’all motherf*ckers, y’all better be checking them baby pictures. I don’t know [Bobby’s] situation — what he like, what he don’t like — I ain’t never did all of that because I just did music with homie.” He went on to say “Don’t drag me in that sh*t, I ain’t got nothing to do with that sh*t...I don’t be with that sh**. I be with real sh*t — I love p*ssy so much, let me tell you! I came out the p*ssy, I’m going back in the p*ssy.”

So far Scrappy has not responded to the allegations against him. When he gets wind of the allegations, we are sure that he will have plenty to say on the matter.

We have the naked pic of Scrap.