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Scrapp DeLeon was officially released from prison last fall, and he's been living out of a halfway house in Macon, GA ever since. As a condition of his release, Scrapp has to work - and his job is filming scenes for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

And he's got a new storyline too. 

According to Scrapp's new storyline, he's "dating" Moneice Slaughter from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

One of the show's producer's told MTO News that Moniece is filming scenes for the upcoming season of” Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She's reportedly transitioning from the Hollywood franchise into the Atlanta one.

When we last saw Moneice - she was gay, and dating her girlfriend AD. 


But the two broke up last summer. AD announced the breakup on Instagram saying, "Moniece and I are officially broken up," she told her followers. "I don't wish to share the personal reasons behind why. I respect both of our families way too much and they have already been through enough with our relationship."

Moniece responded to AD's announcement by confirming that the breakup wasn't exactly her idea. "I guess there is indeed no hope for repair," she wrote. "Feeling isn't mutual and I desperately wished things could have been different." 

We're told that Scrapp and Moneice's relationship is 100% fake though. The producer explained, "He's pretending to date her to stay on the show."

If you've seen Love and Hip Hop Hollywood you know Monice's character... Last week The Blast reported that Moniece has been ordered to stay away from her own roommate and his dog after he claimed she made an ominous threat about giving the animal “something.”

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the reality star’s roommate, Sterling Coleman, accused Slaughter of kicking him and trying to lock him out of their home. He wrote, “she has kicked me. She keeps on coming into my room and taking my things as such as my rug, toothbrush, and even my bath towel.”