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Scrap From LOVE & HIP HOP . . . Released From Prison!! (Pics)


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Scrapp Deleon was just released from prison. The reality star was let go - after serving MUCH less than the 20 years a judge sentenced him -  just 2 years ago.

You'll recall in Season 5 Of Love & Hip Hop - Scrapp DeLeon surrendered himself into custody at his sentencing hearing. At the time, Scrapp was sentenced to 20 years on drug trafficking charges. 

But Scrapp got lucky. His mother Karen hired a bunch of top notch lawyers -who managed to punch holes in his conviction, and have his sentence reduced significantly.

And as a result, Scrapp was released from prison yesterday. He's currently still working his way through processing - but the reality star is about to be a free man.


Back in 2016, Scrapp plead guilty to drug trafficking charges after he was arrested for felony possession of marijuana. In the state of Georgia, possession of marijuana is considered a felony if it's anywhere between 10 pounds to 2,000 pounds, according to Starcasm, and the amount Scrapp was found with fell within that range. For that charge, the minimum sentence is five to 30 years in jail plus a $100,000 fine.

VH1 cameras were allowed to film inside the courtroom while Scrapp was being sentenced, and after he plead guilty, he asked the judge to be lenient with him in his sentencing because he is a father of two boys. The judge told Scrapp that he will be as lenient as he could, and sentenced him to five years in jail, 15 years probation, and he also ordered Scrapp to pay the $100,000 fine. Since Scrapp was taken into custody immediately after his sentencing hearing, his expected release date was in 2021.