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The Revolt show State Of The Culture is one of the hottest video podcasts around today. The show is hosted by Joe Budden - and co-hosted by Remy Ma, Jinx, and radio personality Scottie Beam.

MTO News is hearing whispers from the shows staff that Scottie was quietly "suspended" for the last two weeks - after getting into a heated argument with the show's host Joe Budden.

We spoke with one person associated with the shows production who claims that Joe and Scottie got into it off camera, and that Scottie has been M.I.A. from the show since their blow up.

The show insider did not know what Joe and Scottie were arguing about. But they did spill some tea. The insider said, "I wasn't there to see it. But I hear that Scottie let Joe have it."

The show insider added, "People are saying that Scottie was 'suspended' that's the rumor on the set."

And there's evidence that the rumor is true. Scottie has been mysteriously absent from the show's last two episodes.

Here's last week's episode of State Of The Culture - No Scottie Beam:

And here's yesterday's episode - also no Scottie:

It's not clear how long Scottie's "suspension" is supposed to last. But our insider explained, "We asked whether [Scottie] was fired and were told no. So I think she'll come back."