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Scott Disick wants us to know that all is well as he shares a picture of him sitting between his ex, Kourtney Kardashian and his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie - both of them wearing bikinis.

The tension between the two ladies in Disick's life has been well documented but seemed to come to a head after Kourtney posted an image of herself lying across the bed with Disick and their children in the background.

They appear to have put that all to the side, at least for the holidays, and Disick shared the image, captioned:

"What more can a guy ask for. THREE’S COMPANY"

Fans seem to here for the peace treaty, 

"Kourtney finally realized what every woman should when a guy finds someone else (younger) she is better off! And she knows it so she has come to terms with it," one follower wrote.

While another follower had a slightly different opinion of it all:

"Idk. Maybe a normal man would be happy with "only" ONE woman and his children. But i guess in this society you are only the "king" with two women next to you. You could have been happy waaay earlier bc. you had evetything sb could ask for. But you f*cked up."

Are Kourtney and Sofia about to become besties in 2019?