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Stormy Daniels has turned down an offer to work at a strip club to help her raise funds for Trump's legal fees.

According to TMZ, Scores Gentlemen's Club told them that they were "sympathetic to Stormy's plight and are currently in talks with her reps to get the porn star in their clubs for upscale performances."

Daniels was ordered to pay $293,000 for attorney's fees and another $1,000 in sanctions after her defamation suit against Donald Trump was dismissed by a federal judge. 

But Scores' offer isn't a plentiful one. They told TMZ they will charge a $30 entry fee on nights she performs, and they're offering Stormy 30 to 40 percent of the gate. The proposed deal is still being negotiated.  

Scores has locations in 11 cities, including Atlantic City, NYC, and Vegas.

Daniels reportedly turned down the offer.

But from this recent post, it seems like she's out here working hard to get her coins up anyway...