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TDE rapper Schoolboy Q is unimpressed with the media's coverage of the death of his late friend, Nipsey Hussle.

Speaking to Ebro Darden on Beats1 Radio, he slammed the media's coverage of Nipsey, and named one outlet in particular:

"Like the Source and then they post that video of Nipsey dead, the Source forever," the 'CrasH Talk' rapper told Ebro. 

"They posted a video of Nipsey getting killed and I hope everybody hears this. F*ck The Source. How you do that to us? You wanna listen to our music, you wanna report about us, but you wanna post some sh*t like this? Like, come on, bruh. That's not fair. And then y'all want us to be showing love and sh*t like, man, that's silly. Like, f*ck them dawg and any rapper that f*cks with them, any person that f*cks with them, f*ck you too. I don't give a f*ck what rapper it is. You f*cking do an interview with them after that, anything, f*ck you. You're a b*tch."

Watch the full interview below.