School Worker Confesses To Killing Pedophile He Found While Apartment Hunting

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Omaha man James Fairbanks was charged Thursday with first-degree murder and use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony, after he wrote letters to local newstations confessing to the murder of a pedophile.

During their search for an apartment, Fairbanks reportedly discovered the deceased, Mattieo Condoluci, after stumbling across the convicted sex offender while searching the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry.

Condoluci was convicted and sentenced to five years in Sarpy County 13 years ago for the sexual assault of a child. He served just 2.5 years for good behavior.

"The State of Nebraska hereby complains to the court that James Fairbanks is alleged to have violated the following laws of the State of Nebraska:...On or about 14 May 2020, in Douglas County, Nebraska, James Fairbanks did then and there purposely and with deliberate and premeditated malice kill Mattieo Condoluci," a complaint read.

But Fairbanks spilled all to the press in a shocking letter revealing why he killed him.

"Having had my own experience with these type of predators I knw (sic) the damage he would do to those kids," the email read. 

"I've worked with kids for years who have been victimized and I couldnt in good conscience allow him to do it to anyone else while I had the means to stop him."

The letter continues, "I know in this messed up judicial system that means I will face far more severe punishment for stopping him then he did for raping KIDS. But I could no longer do nothing."