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A south Florida police officer has gone viral, after threatening to shoot a group of middle school students.

Here is the video of the officer going ballistic

The incident occurred at North Miami Senior High School, and the officer who threatened to shoot the children - is assigned to the school.

The video shows a group of children, some as young as 12, congregating in front of the public library next to the school.

The children are confronted by two very aggressive Miami-Dade Schools Police Officers. And the the female officer - who is African American - was completely unhinged. She is seen grabbing and manhandling a 14 year old boy, and taking the child into custody.

Then - the crazed officer turned to the other children - and threatened to shoot them dead.

The video shows the female officer grabbing her gun, as if she was preparing to slaughter the kids.

The recording picked up the law enforcer saying, “Get the [expletive] away before I shoot all ya’ll ass.”

Later she tries to goad the kids into a deadly attack, asking them to "Run up."

Here is the video of the officer going ballistic