SHOCK SCIENCE BREAKTHROUGH!!! New Study Finds That Douching Causes OVARIAN CANCER . . . Doctors Say . . . It AIN'T WORTH IT!!!


More and more scientific studies are casting doubt over whether women should practice vaginal douching. In the past, studies have linked douching, or vaginal washing with a device, to yeast infections, pelvic inflammatory disease and ectopic pregnancies. Researchers have also found associations between douching and cervical cancer, reduced fertility, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

But the latest study may end up being the FINAL BLOW to the practice. A new National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences study finds a link between cancer of the ovaries and douching, a routine practiced by millions of American women.

Joelle Brown, an epidemiology professor at the University of California, San Francisco said that although she knew about other health problems associated with douching, the link between douching and ovarian cancer took her by surprise.

"While most doctors and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists strongly recommend that women do not douche, many women continue to douche because they falsely perceive douching to have positive health benefits, such as increased cleanliness," she told Reuters Health by email. Brown was not involved in the current study.