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Saweetie FAR & AWAY The Most GORGEOUS At BET Awards, Chloe Bailey #2! (Pics +Video)

While just about everyone looked great at last night's Bet Awards, MTO News confirmed that there were two clear stand out beauties - Chloe Bailey and Saweetie.

Chloe had a fresh, innocent, and cute look that just lit up the room. For so long, Chloe was seen as a "cute" singer, but in recent months she's really developed into a world class beauty. Last night, she was head and shoulders above just about every other woman at the Awards show.

Here are a few pics of Chloe - looking absolutely breathtaking:


But there was one other woman there who took top billing- and that was Saweetie. Saweetie is universally recognized as the most beautiful woman in hip hop history. And yesterday, she showed WHY she's been given that title given all the beautiful women in hip hop and why everyone always talks about her beauty.

She attended the show with her father. Here's a video, showing just how gorgeous she is: