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Quavo from the hit group The Migos and his girlfriend - female rapper Saweetie - are getting married soon. How do we know this? Well because Saweetie caught the bouquet at her sister's wedding yesterday. 

And Quavo caught the garter too, so they're practically engaged.

Quavo accompanied Saweetie to her sister's wedding outside of Atlanta yesterday. It was a gorgeous affair, filled with celebrities and classy people. And the music was LIT!!

During the ceremony, Saweetie's sister tossed the bouquet, and without trying, the bouquet landed in Saweetie's arms. Similarly, the groom tossed his bride's garter, and Quavo caught it with very little effort.

It almost seems like Saweetie and Quavo were meant to be.

Here's the toss:

Saweetie and Quavo have been dating now for over a year, and are one of the most popular couples in hip hop.

Quavo's cousin Offset is also married to a female rapper - platinum selling Grammy winner Cardi B.

Saweetie became well known online by posting videos of herself freestyling over old-school rap beats in her car. After her freestyle over Khia’s 2002 hit “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)" went viral, 'ICY GRL' was born. She released a studio version with an official music video in October 2017 which has since amassed over 20 million views! The single earned her praise from fans and critics alike, who labelled her as an artist to watch in 2018. 

A self-proclaimed "hands-on" artist, Saweetie signed a major-label deal to Warner with Artistry Records after falling in love with their "passionate energy". Following the signing, Warner Co-Chairman Tom Corson praised her "empowering lyrics, street-smart sensibilities, and flawless delivery".