SAVAGE: Man Sends Online Sex Worker's Pics . . . To Her Father!!

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A man on Twitter is claiming that he "saved" an online sex worker, by sending her nude pictures to her father. The man then shared his horrifying story on Twitter.

The story, and the tweets between himself and the woman, have gone viral.

The man, who calls himself King Willhelm, is a former pimp from Chicago who has started a social media movement to "Abolish sex work." 


King Willhelm writes on his page:

I'm a father, a community leader, & a businessman. Just like any other man. I used to be a part of the sex industry so I know how nasty & unforgiving sex work is. That's why I hate it so much. My methods are extreme but they work. I've had multiple girls delete their content.

So what are his "extreme" methods? Well he finds a woman on Instagram that he believes is engaged in sex work, then he subscribes to their Onlyfans, where he screenshots their pictures.

Then he uses IG to locate the girl's father, and he sends the explicit pictures to the sex worker's dad.

Afterward, he confronts the women and tries to get them to stop doing sex work. Look: