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Beyonce Fires SHOTS At Nas . . . On Twitter!!

Beyonce and Jay Z released their critically acclaimed album on Saturday - and nearly broke the internet. They also CLEARLY overshadowed Nas - who released his album just a few hours earlier. This was Nas' first album is SEVEN years. It was announced to come out on Friday, but for some reason it didn't show up on streaming services until Saturday. Coincidentally, Jay and Bey released their album the SAME day.

Well Beyonce wasn't FINISHED with Ethering New York City native, Nas. Yesterday she fired SHOTS against him on Twitter.

Bey rarely "likes" anyone's tweets. And when she does so, she does it for a reason. Look at the Tweet that she liked:


Nas and Bey's husband Jay Z were in a hip hop beef in the 2000s. During that time, Nas released the song Ether - which made fun of Jay Z.

It appears that Bey wanted to get REVENGE after all these years.

The Washington Post had this to say about Everything is Love, "The record is a victory lap from a couple who has mined their relationship for universal truths and then presented them as art. It’s a fierce love letter to success, to family, to blackness — but, most of all, to each other."

And while there's no sign of a renewed Nas & Jay Z beef, the Internet took it upon itself to show how Nas was really feeling despite the fact that Jay and Bey released their album at almost the same time as Nas.