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Sauce Walka had some harsh words for Young Thug after Thug claimed that he was going to slap him - calling him a "f*ckin' faggot."

"Good muthaf*ckin' afternoon, this muthaf*ckin' message right here is for Young Hug, young f*ggot, young gaylord, young queer, young muthaf*ckin' dress. You know who the f*ck I'm talking about, you f*ckin' faggot," Walka says in the rant video before threatening to punch his security guards.

He also called the rapper a "transvestite" and claims that his girlfriend, Jerrika Karlae is a beard.

"No n*gga in a muthaf*ckin' dress with lipstick and makeup gon' put their muthafuckin' hands on me," he said before adding:

"Boy you share clothes with your fake ass girlfriend that you pay to hide your sexuality," 

Watch Walka's homophobic rant below.