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Satanic Messages Found At Travis Scott Concert: Twitter Asks Were Fans Killed ON PURPOSE?

Yesterday, Travis Scott's concert may go down as the deadliest concert in United States History. Now many across social media are asking why this happened, and how?


And there are a growing number of people who speculate that the deaths of the concertgoers may have been "planned" and not a horrific accident, as most current evidence suggests.

According to the conspiracy theory, Travis Scott is a satanist who was promoting satanic messages throughout the concert.

Travis Scott Concert MAYHEM: Dozens CRUSHED To Death, Hundreds Injured (Video)

Travis Scott has long faced rumors that he participates in a Satanic culture.

The proponents of this theory showed what they deem to be "evidence." The first piece of evidence were the  hundreds of posters in the arena that show an image of a hooded "death" like figure, with the words "See you on the other side."

Pretty ominous, given what happened. Here is one such image:


Then, when people started dying, fans were shocked by what they are calling "indifference" by Travis.

In one video, MTO News watched as a fan climbed up to the stage and begged Travis Scott to stop performing - so that medical professionals could get through the crowd and help fallen victims.

It appears that Travis heard the fans pleas and refused them. 

In the below video, you hear a fan begging Travis to help the dying fans. The rapper refused, and you hear him bark back at the fan, "Who asked me to stop?" Then Travis inexplicable is heard saying, "You know what you came here to do."

Travis then continued the concert.

In yet another potentially disturbing scene at Astroworld, a video shows a female concertgoer in deep medical distress. Luckily for her, medics managed to get to her and carry her lifeless body out of the arena.

The video catches Travis Scott looking on as the woman was carried out, while singing a very melancholy song. Eerie and ominous. Watch: