Barack and Michelle Obama's youngest daughter Sasha Obama was looking fabulous on New Year’s Eve. A picture of the former first daughter is circulating online, showing Sasha wearing a very tight mini-dress, and showing off her long and lovely legs.

Here is the New Years EVE IMAGE

Sasha Obama turned 18 years old last summer and is now a freshman at the University Of Michigan. Attending the University of Michigan puts Sasha on a path different from her family members: attending a public Big Ten university instead of seeking an Ivy League education.

Her sister, Malia Obama, took a gap year in 2016 before enrolling at Harvard University, where her parents attended law school. Malia Obama began her third year at Harvard this past fall.

Barack Obama — the nation's 44th president from 2009-17 and the first black man elected to the office — attended Columbia University in New York City for his undergraduate studies.

Michelle Obama — the former first lady and mother of Sasha and Malia — earned her undergraduate degree from Princeton University in New Jersey.

Speculation about the youngest Obama becoming a Wolverine began after an Instagram social media account attributed to her posted a photo of Sasha and two friends on the Ann Arbor campus. She tagged UM and wrote: "So proud to say I’m going to college with my sisters!!” 

Sasha, whose real name is Natasha was delivered at University of Chicago Medical Center by their parents' friend and physician Anita Blanchard. Sasha was the youngest child to reside in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr. arrived as an infant in 1961. In 2014, Malia and Sasha were named two of "The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014" by Time magazine.

And Sasha has blossomed into quite a young lady. In addition to having her parents’ brains . . . she also has her mother's looks.

Here is the New Years EVE IMAGE