President Obama's daughter Sasha was accepted into Yale University, MTO News has confirmed. Unfortunately Russell Simmons' daughter Aoki also received word back from Yale - but it wasn't as positive.

Sasha received her early admission acceptance letter from the University last week. Yale was Sasha's first choice college.

Barack and Michelle have two of the incredibly smart and gifted daughters. Malia Obama, their eldest daughter, currently attends Harvard University, and has honors.

Now sister Sasha will be attending a top Ivy League school also.

Sasha, who studies at “the Harvard of Washington’s private schools,” Sidwell Friends School in DC turned 17 on June 10.

As for Russell Simmons' youngest daughter Aoki, she had her admission decision "deferred" from Yale. That means means that her application will be reconsidered and a decision will be rendered during "regular" admission. 

Aoki applied early to Yale, in hopes that she could get in early. Now it looks like if she does get in, it will have to be during "regular" admission.

Here's a video with Aoki explaining how she feels about being "deferred"

Lets all pray that Aoki can get into Yale, you can tell by the video that she really, really wants to go.