Sasha and Malia Obama recently had an embarrassing moment when their credit cards were declined at a retail store.

Michelle and Barack Obama give their daughters spending limits - and the former First Daughters recently ran up against those limits.

Yesterday on Twitter, a retail store employee described her most "surreal" encounter with a celebrity, and she spilled the tea on the Obama girls.

According to the retail employee, both Sasha and Malia's credit cards were rejected at her store. The employee claims that the Obama ladies apologized for not having the available credit to make their purchases.

Sasha and Malia explained that the reason the cards were declined is because Michelle Obama places strict spending limits on the girls.

Here is the tweet:



Malia Obama, 20 years old, will be entering her junior year at Harvard this fall. Her sister Sasha, 17, was recently accepted to the University of Michigan. She plans on working/traveling for the next year - her "gap" year - and then she'll attend Michigan in the Fall of 2020.