Santa Fe SCHOOL SHOOTER's Girlfriend . . . 'Dumped Him . . . For 'BLACK BOY'!!

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MTO News just got word that Dimitrios Pagourtzis' girlfriend dumped him for a Black boy, according to teens at Sante Fe high school.

There is now MOUNTING evidence that he Santa Fe shooter, 17 year old Dimitrios Pagourtzis - was a radicalized White Supremacist terrorist.

And the latest bit of evidence is compelling. MTO NEWS obtained social media postings, from students at Sante Fe high school - which suggest that Dmitrius went on his rampage - after his girlfriend DUMPED him for a boy that they are calling "Black." The teenager is in fact better classified as "biracial."

According to a post from one of Dimitrios' 16 year old classmates, his girlfriend broke up with him a few weeks ago. The insider explained, "I think [Dimitrios] was OK until he found out [girlfriend] was dating an African American. It is so sad that we live in a world where race matters in 2018."

The bright young classmate added, "We should pray to end racism."

MTO News has pointed out that Dmitrios wore NAZI MEDALLIONS when he conducted the massacre - and that he was active in White Supremacist websites. And despite the overwhelming evidence, the mainstream media is REFUSING to suggest that his radicalized White Supremacists beliefs were the cause of this school shooting.

In addition, the Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed that the weapons used in Friday’s school shooting were owned by the suspect’s father.

“We can confirm the firearms, a shotgun and a .38 caliber revolver, were legally owned by the father,” DPS Press Secretary Tom Vinger said in an email to CNN.