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Actress SANAA LATHAN'S COUSIN Is Now Rapping . . .She's Got SOME BARS . . . But Her Body Is CRAZY!!


Actress Sanaa Lathan isn't the only one in the family with the talent to become an entertainer. MTO News learned that her cousin - a female rapper by the name of Shy Greyy is looking to break into the world of celebrity.

She's been doing the most on Instagram - and she's been rapping too. Looks like she's taking that Cardi B route to fame and fortune. And so far it looks like it's working. In some of the pictures, Shy Greyy and Sanaa could pass for twins. She looks very much like her famous relative.

The responses to her rapping were mixed:

"Stick to the stripper pole and sucking 🍆🍆🍆"

"'m checkin this right here @shy.greyy dumb with the lyrics hit ya boy just tryna help out a lil"

"Oh sh*t. Actually better than most wannabe rap bitches. Not saying you're a wannabe. That was actually pretty fire"

According to her Instagram, her body is all natural. She has the look, and her rapping skills are not bad either, but it takes a lot more than that to make it in 2018.

What do you think? Will Shy Greyy be making it big in 2018?

Here's her rapping:

And here are some pics of her :