Samantha Markle, the estranged and seemingly bitter half-sister of Meghan Markle, has trashed her in her father, Thomas Markle's new report - accusing her of being fame-hungry.

"My sister has ripped through the Royal Family like a tornado," Samantha wrote in Britain's The Sun newspaper.

"Their objective is fame and fortune — to be Hollywood," she continued. "I loved my sister, but I do not like the person she has become."

She then went on to praise their father, who has also consistently trashed Meghan in the press.

"She watched the media taunt and torture my dad, never springing to his defense like a true humanitarian would," Samantha wrote. She had no warm words or sympathy for her blood relative, adding that "Meghan knew the social requirements of joining the Royal Family.

"She should have asked herself if she was willing and able to behave in accordance with the expectations," she wrote.

We can see why Meghan has chosen to keep her distance from her father's side of the family...