Safaree Samuels nearly missed the taping of yesterday's Love & Hip Hop NY reunion, because he and fiancé Erica were dealing with pregnancy complications.

MTO News confirmed that Erica Mena is in FACT pregnant. The couple is trying to keep Erica's pregnancy quiet. That's because they hope to land a reality show together, and then announce the pregnancy on that platform.

Yesterday Safaree was set to participate in the Love & Hip Hop NY reunion show - which was being filmed in Atlanta. But he and Erica had what friends are calling a "pregnancy emergency."

Erica's friend explained, "Erica didn't feel right, and she had a bit of spotting."

Safaree took Erica to the hospital immediately, and stayed with her until the doctor gave Erica the green light to go home. It turns out everything is going FINE with her pregnancy.

But that doctor's visit happened at the same time that Safaree was supposed to be shooting the Love & Hip Hop reunion.

Luckily for all that Safaree made it for the last half of the reunion show.

According to TMZ: 

A show source tells us Safaree just arrived to the reunion in the last hour ... making a dramatic entrance halfway through the reunion. We're told he failed to make his contractual obligation of the full day and it's still possible there will be consequences from the network.

Erica made sure to point out, in her tweet, that Safaree missed part of the filming because of "family issues."

BTW. Here's what Safaree got Erica for Valentines Day: