Safaree Gets RAN OUT OF HARLEM . . . After Crowd BOO'D HIS Performance!! (PICS)

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Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend Safaree got RAN OUT of a Basketball game in the Dykman area of Harlem - after getting boo'd by the crowd.

Safaree was booked to perform at the Dykman basketball summer tournament - a popular night ball game where celebs and NYers attend.

It all started when Safaree performed his newest song - HUNNIT. The crowd was at first SILENT, not getting into the performance. Then some of the crowd started booing Safaraee, and the boos cascaded across the crwod.

Well Safaree got upset, and he started CURSING at fans, saying that he "f*cks girls they can only dream of." At that point, the crowd went CRAZY.

Apparently Safaree had even more choice words for the crowd saying:

“hold on, let me tell you young niggas something. I fucked bitches y’all n*ggas dream about. I fucked bitches y’all n*ggas dream about,” he kept saying. The crowd really lost it after that and were throwing trash at him while he walked off the court. Then, while quickly leaving the courts, Safaree was seen flicking off the crowd in a act of anger for the disrespect."

This incident comes just a few days after Azealia Banks took shots at NIcki Minaj and THEN posted a photo in the studio with Safaree. The duo could have honestly been working on music, but the timing and the shade seemed a little too crazy to just be a coincidence. 

Azealia threw shots at the "Chun-Li" rapper on Thursday (July 5) after photos were revealed of Nicki wearing a mermaid tail from the set of her and Ariana Grande's "Bed" video. Banks accused Minaj of copying her "rap mermaid" aesthetic, which the Harlem artist has deployed for years. Nicki has not publicly responded to the tweets.

The new Instagram post isn't the first time Banks has publicly referenced working with Safaree. In a July 2017 interview with XXL, she claimed to have written and recorded a song with the singer. Banks later wrote in an apology letter to Nicki that the decision wasn't intended as a sneak diss. In that same letter, she promised to "never say any negative or catty things about [Minaj] ever again."

So much for that...