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Safaree EXPLAINS . . . How He Found Out . . . That Nicki CHEATED ON HIM . . . With Rapper NAS!!! (Nicki Is COLD Blooded)


Safaree is spilling tea on hos Nicki, and Nas were sneaking around on him – behind his back on a video set.
Safaree stepped out for a WEED BREAK – and Nas stuck his tongue down Nicki’s throat.

Listen to Safaree tell it – you can still hear the HURT in his voice.

“I was there. You wanna know what’s so crazy? I didn’t know it happened until the video came out. I ain’t gonna lie I was hurt. I was there the whole day, I was like, ‘Damn did that happen when I left to go?’ I must have left for like an hour…”

The alleged kiss happened way back in 2012, so exactly how long have Nicki and Nas been messing around together?

We love all of this tea that Safaree is spilling, but is he milking this Nicki thing? Why is he only telling us the details now and not in the midst of their messy breakup? We hope that he’s not rehashing all of this mess to help boost sales and streams of his new music.

But if Nicki kissed Nas in front of her, maybe she was trying to send him a message a long time ago. Was she trying to break up with Safaree for years and he just wasn’t taking the hint?

Watch the video clip below.