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Both Safaree and his fiancé Erica Mena have been fired from ALL of the Love & Hip Hop shows, MTO News has confirmed.

 The two gained fame by starring on multiple seasons of the VH1 hit show. Safaree appeared in multiple season of Love & Hip Hop NY and Hollywood, and Erica appeared on multiple seasons of Love & Hip Hop NY and Atlanta.

But all that's over for GOOD. According to multiple high level sources at VH1, Safaree was fired after refusing to attend the Love & Hip Hop NY reunion show.

The insider explained, "The one sure way to get fired permanently is to disrespect the show by not showing up to [a shoot]." The insider continued, "You will never EVER see him on Love & Hip Hop again. His career [as a reality star] is over."

Safaree claims he refused to attend the reunion show because he was worried that he may be physically attacked on the show by co-stars Joe Budden or Rich Dollaz.

And Erica was fired last year, for continually bad mouthing Love & Hip Hop in interviews. The VH1 insider told us, "We made [Erica] famous and she bad mouths us every time she opens her mouth. She got herself fired."

So what are Erica and Safaree going to do now to make money? Well they started a Youtube channel, and are trying to make themselves Youtubers.

Here is them on Youtube