SAD NEWS: Rapper T.I. Confirmed That He And Tiny Are SEPARATED . . . And Living APART In 'His And Her MANSIONS'!!!


T.I. appears to have confirmed rumors that he and wife Tameka "Tiny" are separated. Here is how the website is reporting it:

Earlier this year, broke the news that T.I. and Tiny were living separately after she caught him cheating with an Instagram groupie.

In a moving Instagram post on Monday, T.I. explained that his seven children are his motivation for working 18-20 hour days with little sleep.

Under a photo of his sleeping children, King, Major and Heiress Harris, T.I. wrote: “It’s cause of them (+4)!!!! So I can see this peaceful look on their faces as they sleep on satin sheets on custom beds in his & her mansions!!!!”

Child experts agree that a two-parent, heterosexual household is beneficial for the healthy growth and development of children.

And while living in separate households can be very difficult for children, it can work when the children know they are loved and cared for by both parents — as the Harris children are.