Sacramento State Professor Apologizes For Wife's Racist Rant

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A Sacramento State professor has been forced to issue an apology after his wife's racist rant went viral.

"I see you right there," she says in the clip before flipping the bird. "I see your b*tch right there recording me, I see you n*gga, I see you."

The confrontation reportedly started over the smell of bacon grease. 

Tim Ford, who is currently an associate professor of economics at Sacramento State University, and his wife, Crystal Ford, are both in the video arguing with neighbors.

"I'm a professor at Sac State, dude," Tim Ford says in the video. "I have a Ph.D. I don't need to be dealing with sh*t like this."

After the video went viral, the professor issued a lengthy statement via his attorney.

"While we have had ongoing difficulties with one of our neighbors, there is no situation that warrants the use of racially charged words and we sincerely apologize for the behavior exhibited during this confrontation."

He added that, "recognizes the hurt and anger that she has caused and regrets it. Today, she is seeking help and has checked herself into a hospital for alcohol and drug abuse," he said per The Sacramento Bee.

Sac State president Robert Nelsen released a statement saying that he is "deeply offended by the language" in the video.

"Racial epithets are repulsive and unacceptable. Personally, I am incredibly upset by the contents of the video and the harmful impact that it is having on our campus community," he added.