Sabrina Parr Says Lamar Odom Wants Her To Have 'Twin Boys'


Sabrina Parr, the fiance of former NBA baller Lamar Odom, says the athlete wants her to have "twin boys" with him.

Sabrina says that although she has had her "tubes tied," she will have it reversed to give Lamar children.

 I am willing to have them for him, I am not against it," Sabrina told Hollywood Life.

"In my last marriage, I made a decision I got my tubes tied, I was like I'm good I have a boy I have a girl, you know. But Lamar has a dream of having twin boys," she continued. "He told me this very early on. And so, I really want to help him fulfill that dream."

She says that Lamar has changed a lot since her first became a father.

"People forget he was drafted at 19 and already had a child, you know like he was so young. And now 20 years later, he's in a totally different place and he does want the chance to experience that again and I'm not against it. But I can't say when that would happen," she explained.