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Russian Man SETS UP His Enemy . . . Then MURDERS . . . Him On Livestream!!!


In Russia, they have a SAVAGE way of getting back at their enemies. A new video has gone VIRAL in the home of Vladimir Putin, and it shows just how SAVAGE they are in the former Soviet Union.

According to online reports, the video shows a Russian man setting up his enemy for a discussion in a public place - and then killing him. The video was streamed to HUNDREDS of followers - and has been seen now by MILLIONS of people.

Here is the video

The two men reportedly have a longstanding feud - that has lasted for months. Both men had been online threatening to KILL each other. So they decided to have a sitdown - in a public place - to discuss their issue. The sit down was LIVESTREAMED.

The conversation starts off  peacefully - until one then turns around and picks up a knife from his bag.

Without much hesitation, he buries the blade into his rival's chest. The rival at first doesn't register the first stab as it came out of nowhere, but it hits him hard once he realizes what the hell is going on.

The injured man reportedly died.

Here is the video