Russell Wilson's EX-WIFE Is On TWITTER Trying To SHADE CIARA . . . She Just Posted A PIC . . . Of The LARGER Engagement Ring That Russell Gave Her!! (She's Being REAL PETTY)


This weekend Russell Wilson and Ciara were ENGAGED. The entire world seems to be happy for them two . . . with one exception - Russell's ex-wife Ashton Wilson. You see, as soon as the engagement was announced Ashton changed her Twitter profile pic - to show off the GIANT engagement ring that Russell bought for her. The ring Russell bought Ciara is 5 carats, the ring he bought Ashton was 8 carats. But much like Ashton and Ciara, there is a MUCH BIG DIFFERENCE in the quality of the old versus the quality of the new. The ring Russell gave Ciara is COMPLETELY FLAWLESS - because of its quality - the ring has one of the rarest diamonds in the world. The quality of the diamond in Ashton's ring was only AVERAGE. So on all levels Ciara wins . . . and Ashton is outchea looking petty.