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Most people are flocking down to Brazil this week, to celebrate Carnival in the city of Rio. Ciara and her husband NFL star Russell Wilson are there to enjoy the festivities.

But last night's Carnival festivities appears to have been a bore.

Celebrity power couple, Russell Wilson and Ciara were photo'd out at a Carnival street party with Brazilian singer Liz and her husband. And Cici does not look impressed.

Pictures of Ciara and Russell looking bored at Carnival were released this morning, and they immediately went viral. People on social media are wondering whether Ciara and Russell attended the wrong party. 

Hopefully it gets batter for them. We wonder if she would have been having more fun if she was with Future???

Carnival takes place in several locales around the world, as a final celebration before Lent, the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the largest in the world, with this year's celebration running from February 28 through March 5.


We reported just recently that despite looking bored the R&B singer and her NFL husband seemed to be really enjoying their time in Brazil up until the festivities began. The gorgeous singer is in the South American City of Rio, celebrating Carnival. And she was caught by the paparazzi wearing a very revealing bathing suit.

The cameras spotted CiCi posing for pics with a cameraman, and during the pics she nearly had a wardrobe malfunction.

The top part of her bathing suit was so small, that her left boob nearly slipped out.