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After the internet exploded with allegations of sexual misconduct and rape, Russell Simmons walked away from his companies and appeared to flee to Bali so that he could not be touched.

Now, according to The Blast, a spokesperson for Simmons says that he will be returning to the U.S. very soon:

“The anonymous accuser’s assertion that Mr. Simmons is hiding out in Bali, a country that does not have any extradition treaty with the United States, is false, as are her other accusations against Mr. Simmons, which she claims took place 31 years ago.”

The spokesperson added:

 “The accusation that Mr. Simmons has traveled to Bali many times over the years, but in the midst of multiple accusations last year, has not yet returned is also false.” He adds, “The fact is Mr. Simmons has been in and out of the United States six times in the last year and will be back for his child’s graduation.”

The timing of Simmons' spiritual journey in Indonesia is suspicious. Will he finally return and stay put to face the allegations against him?