Russell Simmons is facing accusations of s*xual assault and rape by multiple women in the United States. But he appears to have fled the United States and is living in Bali - one of the few countries with a NO EXTRADITION TREATY with the United States.

Yesterday the aparazzi caught up with Russell as he enjoyed some lunch at the opening of a new day club in Bali called Titi Batu.

Russell is currently the subject of a criminal investigation by the New York Police Department. The investigation was launched following multiple reports of sexual assault, including a lawsuit by a woman claiming that Russell rapped her. The assault and rape accusations dating back to the 90s, with models, singers, and others claiming to be victims.

Earlier this year, the mogul stepped away from his companies, including All Def Digital, Def Pictures, and yoga-themed lifestyle brand Tantris. He also sold his New York and Hollywood homes.