Russell Simmons: I Don't Believe That Any Celebrity Owes Anybody Anything!!

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Russell Simmons has responded to CNN anchor Don Lemon calling out celebrities for their silence -- stating that he does not believe that celebrities owe anybody anything.

Lemon urged celebrities to speak out against the injustices, calling Hollywood "strangely quiet."

Simmons addressed Lemon's remarks with HipHopDX.

" I agree with [Don Lemon] and it inspires me to do more," Simmons told the music outlet. "I don't believe that any celebrity owes anybody anything. I don't believe that anyone owes social activism to their community. At the same time, I am absolutely certain that your own happiness and salvation is directly tied to the happiness and salvation you promote for others. So, I am committed to do more as much as I can.

"I feel personally responsible to the community and I feel like my voice and my Twitter and my Instagram followers are the people's, they're not mine. And I should give them messaging that uplifts them. I feel that way. Everybody didn't get their following that way. They're getting their following, some by nudity, some by being famous for being famous. Everybody has a different relationship with their community. I feel the followers that I have expect from me inspiring and uplifting statements because that's what I try to do."