Russell Simmons Has POSSIBLE 'GAY' Defense To Rape Claims . . . After Pics Leak In Bed With MAN!

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Russell Simmons has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault. And while all of the stories seem plausible - the hip hop mogul does have a POSSIBLE DEFENSE to the claims. He could claim that he's innocent . . . because he's 'GAY'!!

For years Russell Simmons has been plagued with "gay" rumors. There have been whispers behind his back - that the mogul was secretly a homosexual - and was using women and models as "cover " for his lifestyle.

Now new images - showing him NUDE IN BED with a young Bret Ratner - have people even MORE convinced that Russell Simmons is likely GAY. The images surfaced a few days ago - and have already gone viral.

Here is the IMAGE of Russell and Bret in bed together

At the time, Bret and Russell were sharing a hotel suite in Miami. According to the woman who took the pic - the two men had an "extremely" close friendship.

People are suggesting that at least some of the women claiming that Russell Simmons raped him CAN NOT be believed. They claim that Russell could use the "I'm gay" defense t to exculpate himself out of at least some of the charges against him.

Here is the IMAGE of Russel and Bret in bed together