The controversial documentary that Oprah Winfrey pulled out of last week ahead of it's Sundance Film Festival premiere reportedly received a standing ovation from the audience.

"You've seen this film," Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, an attorney and civil rights advocate who is featured in the movie, said during a question and answer period per Variety. "The question is will anyone else see it? So whatever can be brought to bear to make sure that this doesn't get snuffed out — think of all the history of what has already happened and say never again."

 Drew Dixon, a former music executive, who accuses Simmons of raping her in the documentary, explained why the doc is so important.

"A lot of this is about power and ecosystems of power," said Dixon. "And all of us have kept our stories to ourselves for decades and there are people within that ecosystem who knew our stories. Some of those people are filmmakers. It's an entertainment industry story after all, right? But nobody told our story. Because the people who knew our story were subject to the same ecosystem. And to me, this is where allies matter. Allies who are not subject to that same dynamic. They have traction that they can use to pull you forward."

Filmmakers are still trying to find a home for the project once the festival is over as Apple TV + backed out immediately after Winfrey.