Russell Simmons Accusers Calls Him Out Following Recent Interview

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Accusers of Russell Simmons have called him out following his interview with The Breakfast Club.

During the interview, Simmons denied that he had sexually assaulted any of his accusers -- but they are calling him a liar.

"I'm sitting here by myself wrestling with my emotions as I see the #OnTheRecord tweets about one of the most painful experiences in my life. Affirming, supportive feedback that I don't know how to respond to. There is no playbook on this sort of thing. And now this,' former model Sil Lai Abrams tweeted.

"The biggest radio show in the Black community just gave a huge middle finger to Black women and survivors of sexual assault. This is obscene @breakfastclubam"

Former Def Jam executive Drew Dixon also weighed in on the interview, "Teaching your daughters to have 'boundaries' and say 'no' won't protect them from rapists like you @UncleRUSH I said 'NO'… 'STOP'… 'PLEASE'… 'I'M BEGGING YOU'… and CRIED, while you ripped off my clothes, pinned me down and told me to stop fighting. F*ck all the way off," wrote Dixon.

Peep the trailer below.

The ladies both detailed their alleged encounters with Simmons on HBO's new documentary, On The Record.

It is available on HBO Max. The streaming platform is offering a free 7-day trial.