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Killer Mike and El P have put out three solid Run The Jewels albums over the years, but El-P has just confirmed that Run The Jewels 4 is on the way!

The pair have been beavering away on their solo ventures but we can expect RTJ4 in 2019. El-P hopped onto Twitter to update fans on the status of the project:

"i know a lot of you are hoping we drop rtj4 this year so it’s only right i let you know clearly: we are not. we just got off tour like 5 months ago. i scored a film and got married. we started and are working on it but it’s not even close to done. i tell you because i love you."

RTJ3 was released back on Christmas Eve of 2016. Since then, Killer Mike has featured on tracks with fellow rappers but he has mainly been focused on politics. He campaigned hard for 2016 Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders, who was ultimately shafted by his own party in favor of Hillary Clinton.