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Actress Keisha Knight Pullium's marriage ended in divorce last year, after she claims to have caught husband Ed Hartwell cheating on her.

Now MTO News can confirm that Ed has officially married the mistress whom he cheated on Keisha with.

Three years ago, retired NFL player Ed Hartwell filed for divorce from former child star Keshia Knight-Pulliam. The divorce was very messy, and he initially questioned the paternity of their unborn child.

It was later discovered that it was ED who was cheating on Keshia with his ex-girlfriend Tonya Carroll.

Ed and Tonya got together officially, once the ink on his divorce was finalized last year. The two ended up having a child together also.

Well over the weekend, Ed and Tonya eloped, MTO News has learned.

She posted the following on Instagram - and her family congratulated her in the comments:

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 7.45.29 AM

So far Keisha has not commented on her exes new marriage.

Hartwell previously married reality television personality Lisa Wu-Hartwell in December 2005. Their son Ed Jr. was born May 9, 2007. Lisa also has sons Jordan (b. 1995) and Justin (b. 1998) with ex-husband R&B singer Keith Sweat.

Court records show that Lisa Wu-Hartwell and Ed Hartwell borrowed $2.9 million to buy their suburban mansion in June 2007. Just over two years later, Bank of America paid $1.9 million for the house at a foreclosure sale at the Forsyth County, Georgia courthouse, after the Hartwells defaulted on their adjustable-rate mortgage from the bank.

Ed Hartwell filed for divorce from Lisa on August 24, 2011; it was finalized October 7, 2011.