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Rudy Huxtable Got A BOOB JOB!!! Actress Keisha Knight Pulliam . . . Now Has DDD Breasts!! (Are They TOO BIG??)

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Actress Keisha Knight Pulliam decided to invest in a new body – but she may have went a little overboard.
Keisha recently got BREATS IMPLANTS – and her breasts are now a side DDD. Look at the below pic . . . She looks ready to tip over.

Keyshia Pulliam Knight had been becoming pretty chummy with former White House servant, Omarosa Manigault-Newman during her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

During an interview with People, she expressed her surprise at liking the polarizing public figure.

“If you had asked anyone who I had been friends with in this house, it surely wouldn’t have been Omarosa. But I’m really happy that I came into it void of judgment, void of assumptions for any of the people in the house. My desire was to get to know them truly as people and see them as who they showed me to be, who they showed me that they are versus any assumptions or preconceived notion. I’m specifically happy that I did that with Omarosa because she really showed me someone different and she really was a true ally while I was in the house and I appreciate that. ”

Far from the super cute, Rudy Huxtable many of us grew up with, Keyshia proved to be a formidable contestant, never backing down and standing on her square.

Having invested in a banging new body, she seems ready to move all the way on from her ex-husband and baby daddy, Ed Hartwell and her assets will surely help her lure a new man.

Look at her new body below. Are they too big?