Instagram Comedian Roy 'You Can't Save These H*es' LEE . . . Gets BEAT UP Inside Strip Club . . . He Needed Some H*ES TO SAVE HIM!

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Instagram comedian Roy Lee went VIRAL a few years ago, when he posted a video about "Saving h*es." It was hilarious.

Well, he needed some saving the other night in Dallas. He got into a fight with a customer at the strip club and got WHOOPED.

Roy Lee can be seen standing on stage between two ladies who are on their knees, twerking. As he's throwing ones, he then steps off the stage, and all hell breaks loose. The comedian can be seen scuffling with somebody as the strippers can be heard screaming in the background.

He went viral again last year after he spent all of his January tax return on a Bentley - but that didn't last long. In March, a video of his new ride being repoed hit the internet. Internet stardom doesn't give you common sense. Roy Lee has a lot to learn. And it's ironic that the man who told us to "let them h*es die" got the stuffing knocked out of him surrounded by women he'd likely classify as h*es."

Violence is never the answer, but we can't say we're too sorry about this one. Karma is REAL.

Here's the video of him getting beat!