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Royce Da 5'9: You Can't Say Anything Bad About Joe Budden

Detroit rapper Royce Da 5'9" sat down for an interview where he addressed his close relationships with two controversial rappers. -- Eminem and Joe Budden.

While speaking on Em's beef with Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar, Royce says that Em admires the legendary rap group.

"Listen, I'm going to stand up for Marshall cause that's my friend," said Royce. "I'm always going to stand up for him. I didn't want to create a situation where I'm disrespecting Lord Jamar, but I'm not always the best with my words."

He then touched on his friendship with Budden.

"They used to say the same thing about Joe," he continued. "He always sticking up for Joe! People had a problem with me understanding Joe! Me and Joe didn't like each other in the beginning. But when we got in a group together and I got to know him, now I love Joe. So now, you can't say anything bad about Joe -- I'm gonna have a problem with that!'