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Royce da 5'9" is busy promoting his new album, The Allegory, but during a recent visit to The Breakfast Club, he spoke about the ongoing beef between Nick Cannon and Eminem -- saying that he thinks Cannon took it far more personally than Eminem did.

"Sometimes I feel like it's a distraction more so than it is just healthy rapping. The second that I seen that Nick Cannon seemed really offended, to me that's when it should stop, you know what I mean? Because I know there's no malice coming from Marshall's end. ... So the second he starts to look super offended like that I feel like either they should talk or everything should just stop," he shared.

According to Royce, Em fired the jab at Cannon on "Lord Above" after Cannon traveled to Detroit wanting to fight him.

"[Em] sent him a line on some hip-hop sh*t, but I think Nick took it way more personal than he did before. ... Once that happens and people look genuinely offended it stops feeling like a fun situation to me."

Cannon fired off several diss tracks aimed at Em, who responded only by demanding an apology via Twitter.

Watch the interview in full below.