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ROSEANNE RACIST!! Calls Senior Obama Advisor Valerie Jarret's BLACK Parents . . . 'APES'!!!


Roseanne Barr called Valerie Jarrett's Black father an APE. The actress was always thought of as an open Trump supporter, and a closet racist. Now that's all changed. Roseanne is now an OPEN racist and White Supremacist.

Roseanne currently has a show on the Disney owned network ABC.

This morning, the network TV star made an open RACIST comment about the Black father, of former Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarret. Valerie is Black, and was born in the middle eastern country of Iran, where her parents, James and Barbara Bowman, lived for six years.

Roseanne posted THIS today:


Valerie's family - on both sides is one of the most respected in the country. That redneck trailer trash Roseanne should be ashamed of herself.

Jarrett's great-grandfather Robert Robinson Taylor is believed to be the first African-American graduate of MIT and the country's first accredited African-American architect. His son, Robert Rochon Taylor, was a housing activist who became the first African-American chairman of the Chicago Housing Authority.

Jarrett's mother, Barbara Taylor Bowman, is an early childhood education expert for whom a Chicago street is named. Jarrett's father, Dr. James Bowman, Jr., was a groundbreaking pathologist and geneticist.


UPDATE: The New York Times is reporting that hours after Roseanne published her RACIST tweet ABC swiftly CANCELLED the reboot of her hit TV show. 

Here's what the report said:

ABC canceled the hit sitcom “Roseanne” on Tuesday hours after the show’s star and co-creator, Roseanne Barr, posted a racist tweet about a former top adviser to President Barack Obama.

Early on Tuesday, Ms. Barr posted a comment about Valerie Jarrett, an African-American woman who was a senior adviser to Mr. Obama throughout his presidency and considered one of his most influential aides, that said if “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”

Hours later, ABC canceled Ms. Barr’s show, which had ended its successful comeback season last week and was expected to return in the fall for 13 episodes.