Rosario Dawson has spoken out about what it's like to date presidential candidate Cory Booker - "I feel like I'm Dating Captain America," she said during a recent interview.

While promoting her upcoming television show, Briarpatch, she made the following remarks about her new bae:

"I feel like I'm dating Captain America, I mean he's just such an amazing, brilliant, kind, empathetic, beautiful, loving human being," she gushed "And then this character has that as his sort of face... They could not be more different characters."

Booker has been busy on the campaign trail, and Dawson has been busy filming and promoting her new project, so the couple has not had as much time together as they would perhaps like:

"He's hoping to make the Zombieland premiere, but I'm curious to see if he doesn't if he's going to get the same amount of press being like 'why aren't you supporting your women,'" Dawson said. "I've been getting all this press like 'Why aren't you at your man's side' when I've made it really clear that it's okay to be a working mom."